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Kleber Komká

Kleber is one of the big stars in the group. Lead musician and a partner with the project. He has more than 20 years experience in samba.

He specialized in Carnival Management. He was drum section director (Grande Rio, Tradição and Rocinha), harmony and assistant to carnival coordination (Mocidade), marketing director (Mangueira) and even a lecturer and radio commentator on samba school drum sections during parade broadcasting.

Kleber is a highly skillful percussionist. A top member at Rastropop agency who plays at all kinds of events. He played at many big samba schools – Beija-Flor, Viradouro, Grande Rio, União da Ilha, Mocidade, São Clemente and Rocinha, for example. He contributes with his background, network and striking personality to recruit, train and rehearse Batuque Digital musicians.


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